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Alas, I am on the road (neither collecting rent from my tenants nor singing a Scottish Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, sadly) so this is more of a discussion thread than a recap. But let’s talk about “The Fox’s Lair!”


Some various notes and musings and spoilers below...

New intro! Eeeee! (Loved the car driving up to Lallybroch.)

We are back in Scotland! Wools and knits and plaids, oh my!

Jenny just knows things. Deal with it.

That sound you heard on Saturday night was Outlander fans all squee-ing in unison at the sight of Jamie holding a baby and murmuring sweet nothings to it in Gaelic.


Damn you, Charles Stuart. You and your quill.

Ok, if they can’t stop it, maybe they can help the Rising succeed?

Jamie’s grandfather is a jerk.

Claire is getting really good at pretending to be a witch. (One working with the Auld Ones, of course.) Colum is the only skeptic left.


I don’t care for Laoghaire, in this episode or in general. I’ve read the books. I know why she’s here. I just don’t like her.

Lord Lovat finds a way to protect his son, and his own ass. Good on Claire for getting Young Simon to stand up to his father enough for this all to happen.


Crap...now they all have to fight in the Rising. Even wee Fergus.

What did you think? Any highlights?

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