Most are high up in a tree and unable to provide her sustenance. One pulls a “Wilson”. The last is a priest.


Spoilers ahead...

This episode contained two of my favorite book scenes, and didn’t completely botch them! I don’t think I could have been completely satisfied with them so I’ll call it a win.


After jumping overboard last week, Claire finally washes up on an empty beach. Her clothes and supplies are intact, but she doesn’t have food or water. She does manage to build a fire and make a sun shield out of her skirt - possibly the only benefit of 18th century women’s wear - but otherwise doesn’t find supplies or civilization. Just ants and a frighteningly big snake.

Just when Claire is about to pass out from thirst, she comes across a priest in a remote villa. Father Fogden, his mother-in-law Mamacita, and their small herd of goats have a home in the forest and they take Claire in. Mamacita is not too thrilled to have a visitor but Father Fogden seems friendly enough. They provide Claire food, water, a bath, and some time to rest and recuperate.


The duo originally came to Saint-Domingue as a trio with Fogden’s wife, Ermenegilda, who sadly passed away. Mamacita gets by through sheer bitter will, it seems, while Fogden has turned to smoking and talking to Coco - you guessed it, a coconut. It takes some convincing - notably Claire “talking” to Coco - for Fogden to agree to escort Claire to the island’s village. However, before they even start preparing to leave, Fogden discovers that one of his precious animals was roasted for food by a Chinese man. Just so happens that Claire knows a Chinese man!

Claire runs off in the direction of the goat murder while Fogden mourns his Arabella. She discovers the campsite where Jamie and the crew of the Artemis came ashore on the same island to make repairs - seems they had some trouble navigating among the shallows. Claire almost misses them, but thanks to a randomly stolen mirror, she gets their attention in time for Jamie to row back ashore and run to her through the waves. (Not quite in slow motion but romantic nonetheless.)


After they are reunited, Yi Tien Cho stitches up a cut on Claire’s arm while she tells Jamie about her adventures. Jamie shares that he agreed to let Fergus and Marsali wed, and Claire has the brilliant idea to get Father Fogden to marry them right on that island. After Yi Tien Cho tries to make amends to Fogden for Arabella’s cruel demise, the priest agrees to marry the young couple.

So begins one of my favorite scenes from Voyager. Fogden, we know, has lost a marble or two, so he bumbles somewhat through the wedding ceremony, urged along by Marsali. It’s all a bit goofy, until we get to the matter of Fergus’ name. Marsali can’t just be wed to a guy named “Fergus” - what is he, Cher? Prince? - so the wedding comes to a grinding halt, until Jamie declares his full name as Fergus Claudel Fraser. Thus Fergus officially becomes a Fraser - just as much Jamie’s child as Willie or Brianna, really.


(In the books, Fogden was clearly drunk during this scene; in the show, it was just attributed to Fogden’s kooky nature, which made it more awkward, and less funny.)

Everyone heads back to the ship after the wedding, Claire resting and fighting off the beginnings of an infection with her own dose of penicillin and some sherry turtle soup provided by Yi Tien Cho - my other favorite scene from the book. Drunkenly fighting a fever, Claire gets randy and convinces Jamie to have sex in the tight confines of their cabin, despite his misgivings. They succeed, though when Yi Tien Cho comes by to check on Claire I don’t think they are too good at keeping their exertions under wraps.


Next week, looks like we get an update on Ian, plus Jamie in a wig! Captain Leonard is still out and about, though...ruh roh.

Random Thoughts:

  • I was looking for a little more of a reaffirmation from Claire and Jamie that they did want to stay together. I still don’t get the sense that Claire is convinced she should stay with Jamie. But the show is carrying on without addressing it any further, I guess.
  • I think I see how they are streamlining the book plot, but then they reference Abandawe and I get unsure again.
  • “She speaks her mind, one of the many things I love about her.” **knowing look between Claire and Jamie**
  • I hope we see who I think we’re going to see in Jamaica next week!

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